troost corridor

A guerilla-like group that attacks urban problems from surprising perspectives to inspire smart solutions.
(These so-called “surprising” perspectives are also peaceful, don’t worry).


First we tag buildings, lots, and spaces in serious need of TLC. Then we combine design thinking and journalistic commentary to offer solutions for those same unused, abandoned, or neglected environments. Our intent is to spread knowledge, information, and ideas about urban issues to inspire more in the community to participate in shaping our city. The result is unadulterated awesome. Dead space becomes happy space.

We are currently in what we’ve so originally coined our “research” phase. What we call research, is really discovering and learning about urban revitalization, and how it might relate back to a street we’re enthralled with. We’re on the hunt for a viable project along the Troost Corridor that will positively add to the urban revitalization tactics along the street. Community garden? Public artwork? A building? Nothing is off the table… yet.


We started this project because coming from two very large cities – L.A. and Mexico City respectively – settling in Kansas City has raised a lot of questions. How do cities grow? Why do some areas thrive while others whither? What makes a street come alive? What makes a neighborhood safe? (Not to mention, where is the traffic? And whose idea was it to have Kansas City, MO, and Kansas City, KS?!). Plus we love cities, and we know that what makes or breaks a city can be complicated, subtle, and sometimes mysterious. Our intent is to not only investigate and sometimes address urban possibilities and challenges, but to generate change by inspiring our fellow Kansas City  residents to root their desires for the future of our city  in an understanding of urban issues.